How to use foliage to style your wedding venue

I love foliage and I especially love foliage at a wedding. I have seen some amazing foliage installations, by florists, in the last year. From a full on woodland entrance, which had the effect of walking down a tree lined street with overhanging branches, to a ceiling hanging foliage installation like the one below! They were both amazing but if your budget can’t stretch to something like this by a professional, foliage is still a great way to decorate. It can really make a room come to life and can also help stretch your flower budget. Have a look at the Real Weddings section to see how foliage was used in some previous weddings.

Photo via Rock My Wedding


  • Use foliage as a table runner like the wedding above, an easy diy and looks amazing!
  • How about sprigs of herbs for your place settings or as table ends?
  • A display of potted herbs clustered together works beautifully and smells so good!
  • Leaves can be used as place cards for your guests, cheap and effective.
  • Foliage backdrops are so popular and it’s easy to see why. I have 2 faux foliage backdrops in the Props section but I like to add real foliage to them too. A simple but effective diy.
  • Foliage installations for your ceremony area add the wow factor but calls for a professional florist. You can however try to diy some foliage to your arch.
  • It is also a very effective way to make displays come to life with a few bits of foliage placed in bottles, vases or tied to hoops and table plans.


The possibilities are endless, and it is definitely a favourite of mine.

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